Routines are just not routine, anymore.

Things we have taken for granted are being challenged. So many areas of our lives are undergoing change that our equilibrium is being thrown off. Our basic assumptions for successful living are being disrupted and as such, our days are filled with new decisions to be made. Water. Climate. Leadership. Aging. Reproduction. Investment. Fairness. Work. Education. Technology. Growth. Health. Wellness. These are among the higher level issues facing scrutiny.

Following a comprehensive reporting of harrowing events of the day, the newscaster said, “Have a great night.” Really? Our times call for more than platitudes and advertisements for the latest ‘things’. I’m pretty sure we don’t need more of these.

The human being is the only species on Earth with the capacity to change, to decide differently, to evolve our behavior. And yet, we mostly see division, hostility, war, hatred of others and the absence of will to evolve for our betterment and preservation. What root cause moves us in this direction, at our own peril? We have an inherently strong drive to prevail (over others) and somehow we lack intelligence to sustain one another, the very thing that will help us. This leads us to pursue growth for the sake of growth in order to fuel the stock market, to turn a blind eye towards equity, and to believe that solutions are up to someone else.

Support sustainability, act kindly and evolve together. We can do this!!!