Travis B. and Desta B.
 Steve is the best! We recently moved from central Illinois - where houses routinely sell below list price (and at ~1/3 Boise prices), so our mindset was always looking for ‘a deal’. Steve was very patient in explaining the local market and trying to get us to be more aggressive with our bids (I was skeptical, of course, at first, but the first house we loved, and lost, proved the error of our ways). Likely due to our long-ingrained midwestern mindset, our search lasted 5 months, but Steve remained patient and almost always available to see homes at a moments notice. While never pushing us on any particular house, he did push us (in a good way) to be decisive when pursuing homes we liked. In addition, Steve always provided a wealth of information on neighborhoods, comparables, etc. With his coaching, we finally got an accepted offer, which I [unintentionally] did my best to kill in the days prior to closing. Steve managed to resurrect the deal and we are now living in our dream home. Couldn’t be happier with the experience - in addition to being a great agent, Steve is a great guy and a pleasure to work with. 
Will W.
 Steve Rumpp is a hard-working, dedicated real estate professional. I had very specific requirements for buying a new home. My search also occurred during a very difficult time for buyers as the Boise real estate market was increasing in value seemingly daily. Steve was always up for the challenge, researching new listings and getting me in to see homes as early as possible for me to be in the best possible position to buy the right home. There were a couple of near misses as I was outbid on properties, but Steve persisted and finally, after eight months, found me the perfect home. I think the vast majority of agents would have thrown in the towel by then, but Steve kept at it. Every day. And always with a positive attitude and a smile on his face. If you need someone who is always willing to go the extra mile for you, look no further. 
Michael and Cathy B.
 I am so grateful for the professional and personal courtesy you have extended to Cathy and I. Your professional support and execution made this transaction happen. You were an extension of family to us during this process and for that, we are so grateful! You are the foremost in terms of a realtor. You make this process fun, efficient and successful. You make the investment in your clients to ensure their desires become a reality. If there are other realtors who claim to provide this level of service and execution, congratulations to them! For our relationship, I lived it and know the professional you are. Thanks again for making this process a success and a pleasure. You are simply a master of your craft! Lucky us! Friends and family forever!  
Mary W.
 I would be super honored to provide you a testimonial!! I just cannot thank you enough for all you've done for my family. I know this was a very, very difficult deal and no one but you could have made this all work out with such a very happy ending. Thank you again Steve…you are a blessing! 
Christopher and James H.
 Steve Rumpp was everything we could hope for in a realtor. Though a great realtor can be hard to find, Steve proved to be just that. His knowledge of the market, coupled with hard work and a genuine desire to find us the perfect home made the experience truly one of a kind. As first time home buyers, searching from out of state with specific needs, Steve helped us understand the market and the process. He was an indispensable positive force in helping us make the biggest financial decision of our lives. We could not be happier with the outcome of our new home – thank you Steve! 
Aaron and Katie S.
 My wife and I had the privilege of working with Steve Rumpp as our Real Estate Agent during the purchase of our first home…Steve gave us sound purchasing advice and we were selected by the sellers even though there were other offers at at-least the same dollar amount…Steve was able to successfully ‘take the reins’ (following the sudden birth of our second child!) and relieve much of the stress that generally accompanies a home-purchase. We felt we could trust Steve to call some of the minor shots for us, and trusted him to give an accurate accounting of the situation as things progressed…From the time we met Steve until we the closing date and move-in to our new home, was roughly one month – a quick and efficient pace! At no time did we feel pressured or rushed to make a decision…Steve showed extreme competence in negotiating with the sellers and providing us with a strong buying position…We felt that he genuinely cared for us and wanted to make sure that our home buying experience ended up meeting our needs and making us happy…I feel that Steve Rumpp went above and beyond his ‘call of duty’ innumerable times and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a Real Estate Agent to my own friends and family. 
Rusty W.
 I recently listed my home with Steve through Tiger Prop. He was able to secure a sale for me within 16 days from its first official day on the market (and at full list price!). I was extremely pleased with the service I got from Steve. I could not have asked for a more smoother or successful sales experience then what I received from Steve and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home in Boise, or to simply connect with for some great real estate advice. You will not meet a more honest, knowledgable, dedicated and professional real estate person in the valley, and his genuine kind nature and soft approach makes him a total gem to the entire Boise real estate industry. He was hired to be my real estate agent but through the experience we became great friends. Thanks for all you have done Steve, …I will be forever indebted. 
Aaron, Katie, James, Henry, Eliza S.
 Steve, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all the work you did in selling our house. You went way above your normal standard of above and beyond and we couldn’t be more grateful! Your attention to detail, your work ethic, your integrity, your knowledge of the process and the market, as well as your general calm and collected demeanor are why we enjoyed working with you, and like you as a person. You are a wonderful person and we are grateful to know you! Thank you again, so much, for all that you did! 
Ivy S. and Bruce E.
 If you are looking for an honest, professional, patient, hard working and extremely knowledgeable real estate agent who will go above and beyond your expectations, Steve Rumpp is your person. New to the area and looking to buy, we were fortunate enough to meet Steve at an Open House. After talking with him for a bit we left with a really good feeling although we had yet to choose an agent. When he followed up with us within that day, and without feeling pressured, we knew our instincts were right and we signed on. He worked with us tirelessly, was always prepared, and listened carefully to best understand what we wanted in a home and neighborhood. Another important quality we greatly appreciated about Steve was his ability to find the answers to our numerous questions. He never let us down and is a man of his word. He set the bar high for what to expect from a real estate agent and we are grateful for the experience. If you choose to work with Steve, you will not be disappointed.