How are things going for you? I trust that you are taking time to focus on those nearest and dearest to you. Start with your self. Time in life is precious! With much to manage just getting through each day, it is sometimes easy to forget the big picture. We fail to see the forest for the trees, as it is said.

Reflection affords us time and space to consider the wholeness of our being. We are, after all, the sum of our parts, good and bad. By taking time to recall our greatest moments and our not so great moments, we avail ourselves to the path that lead us to THIS moment. Wholistic acceptance of all that has preceded us can be healing and calming. To quote Rumi, “Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.”. (That takes time to digest!)

Fall is the season of reflection and contemplation. One of the simplest and best ways we can do this, is through stillness, the basis of meditation. Sitting in stillness and practicing slow, steady breathing is a gateway to contemplation. It can be a simple as just feeling the opportunity for stillness and reflection during your day, stopping everything, and just enjoy being still. This stillness is an ‘inside job’, not really to do with what you are doing physically. That’s why they say athletes are ‘in the zone’ sometimes while in peak performance. Inside, they are still and calm.

Yoga is another good gateway to inner stillness. But, however you reach it, inner stillness is the goal. It does not cost anything and it produces the richest results. Enjoy your capacity to reflect and contemplate. Practice it. Become good at it, Visit yourself regularly!

I am always grateful for you and for the real estate successes we have together accomplished. The trust you place in me is a reward I most treasure. Referring your friends and family members is one of the primary ways that my business grows and you can always count on me to honor your referrals as my highest priority.

Enjoy the season!