Our present moment calls for demonstrating one’s highest qualities in everyday action, thus nurturing human existential responsibility. Mindfulness, patience, humor are inherent gifts for navigating toward a more balanced, less fractured world. In an idealized scene we might assemble together fully diverse inclusive of differences, believing if momentarily, in our mutual interdependence. As if automatically, mind chatter alerts us to not let our guard down too much, lest others gain advantage. Human intellectual capacity affords the luxury of this debate, while other species keep things straight forward. Eat, sleep, survive. Human beings create beauty, most wonderfully enhancing life. We also create complexity, engender conflict and sadly, pursue tribal aggression. Looking ahead, it may be worthy to consider the mantras of simplification, kindness and legacy. AI powered human life has arrived and yet the essential ingredients for harmony are already known, reside within each of us, and await greater illumination. Future generations count on it and our actions and votes matter more now than they ever have. It is my hope and commitment in the coming year that we show up center stage simply and plainly to manifest right action. Demonstrating reliance on one another and insistence that intelligence be used toward preservation, not degradation, of our species and planet. May the spirit of peace and universal prosperity be present in your household during this healthy season of hope.