Fortunate are those among us with lifetime friendships involving important, life-shaping, memories. Attending reunions, arranging visits with old friends or through research, we seek the nostalgia of our past. In-person get-togethers help us observe where we came from and illuminate that which counts the very most; the difference our mutual existence has made in shaping one another’s lives. A calling from within, nostalgia opens a special pathway, one that evokes positive chemistry in our bodies and minds. It helps us feel good, brings alive our social connections and clarifies our purpose. Yesterday’s puzzle is never fully complete of course. Despite absent reunion participants and unmet expectations, we can nonetheless, establish a new beginning from which to explore further and open ever deeper understandings about the past that made us who we are today. We settle on agreed upon truths, dispel glorified memories, update misunderstood past events and see in the eyes of others the person we are from yesterday to today. We are fortified through this brief visit back in time, and come away from reunions with a greater understanding of the importance of connecting with our current lives. After all, one day with any luck, these too will be among our days of nostalgia! Engage with your nostalgia regardless of your age and take pride in your many lifetime achievements! I hope you enjoy this edition of Start Healthy,