Our Peace and Well-Being reside within.

Whether it is working through the stresses and strains of daily life or when faced with more serious challenges such as injury or disease, it remains within our power to choose inner peace and well-being. A rising above, by going inside, kind of choosing.

Stories throughout history illuminate the power of the human mind to elevate in even the gravest of moments, to rise above and go within. Fully realized souls demonstrate rising beyond mortal afflictions and persecution, into a state of pure peace.

Seeking our inner wellness calls us to reside in the present moment, where we can experience our life-force breath, one by one. Slowing the breathing and casting off our mind chatter, we are lead to our inner stillness, to our natural state of well-being.

Choosing peace is our birthright. Discovering the tools (breath-work being a fundamental one) that provide access to our true nature, is part of the discovery process. Knowing there is an internal place of peace and wellness, that nothing and no one can take from us, makes both our study and practice in this realm, the most worthy of pursuits.

As your Realtor, I can recall numerous times throughout my career when my own pursuit of peace centered me amidst the often roller-coaster ride of real estate, allowing me to excel in achieving your goals and dreams. Practical applications of inner peace are present at every turn!

May this most excellent issue of Start Healthy help nurture you along your personal wellness journey!