As human beings, we possess a trait, or a mindset at least, that says, “once we” -fill in the blank- then we can relax. Then, we will be happy. Then, all things will be fine.

Often we see this in material pursuits. That in our world of wealth, ‘things’ can bring us happiness. To a certain extent, and for a while, they may appear to do that. Yet, shortly after a particular ‘thing’ is obtained, the cycle starts again.

Is it possible that the “once we” game is born out of a tentative relationship with our own patience? Patience is akin to acceptance. Through acceptance we find patience. Defined as “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” Ok, but when will we no longer have to demonstrate patience? When will there no longer be life events requiring our patience? When will we arrive finally?

When I look at our dog Maya, I see tolerance, patience and acceptance. Of course she prefers 24/7 hands-on petting, but aside from that and the occasional treat, she offers herself as an example, accepting life as it is, rather than as it might be in the “once we” world.

Summers, with the potential for family gatherings, travel and outdoor experiences, can remind us that acceptance offers relief, and a brand of comfort found only through it. Maybe we say, “once we” accept, we are content.

May this edition of Start Healthy serve to promote our common acceptance, patience and Peace.