Make your move, indeed!

Have you noticed a subtle churning within, that begins as a background rumbling and slowly rises up to require your attention? Of course, we all recognize this pattern. I suppose it represents by example, human activity.

It is in observing this process that human beings bear witness to choice. This slowly emerging call to action, if seen in slow motion, makes us distinct in nature from other creatures. It involves conscious behavior or at least the opportunity for it.

We opt to ‘make our move’ in a given direction. It is in this moment that we also create our karma. The presence to choose one path vs another, literally forms our karma going forward. Try as we might to deny this truth, a clarity rises. We receive in return that which we offer to the world.

Reminding one’s self of our human choice in each and every moment, is worthwhile. It can also be considered being present. Choice in the present distinguishes us for other species and literally shapes the world in which we live.

When experiencing this process, it becomes self evident how our karma is tied to our everyday choices. Make your move and generate positive karma.! The world will be better for it.

Thank you for your continued support and friendship. Enjoy this edition of Start Healthy!