What is happening with Real Estate? Something is ALWAYS happening, is the answer. As Realtors, we can get caught up in the pendulum of highs and lows. As consumers, we can find ourselves on top of the world, or at times, feeling we are sitting at the bottom of the ocean.

Owning, caring for, and managing one’s real estate is at once an inspiring, exhilarating and sometimes terrifying endeavor. We are well to remember that, for many of us, real estate centers around our family shelter, the place we call home. As such, changes in the market value of our properties, are well to be observed as background noise, rather than full volume stereo.

Many of us have benefitted greatly from the quickly rising markets of recent years. So much so, that there has become an expectation of increasing wealth borne from these acquisitions. Indeed, while much new wealth has been created from our rising market, nothing lasts forever.

Also true, ramping prices and limited housing supply, coupled with doubling interest rates, have pushed many to the home buying sidelines. With rapidly rising rents, the sidelines are no picnic area. Our shifting market does offer opportunity for those who remain focused.

We are advised to scale our expectations, narrow our focus and view real estate’s importance with perspective. Evaluate your situation in light of today’s real estate reality and act accordingly. We win some, lose some, but nothing lasts forever!

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