Summer has arrived!

The cover of this edition of Start Healthy encourages us to seek adventure! And, wow, there are so many places in Idaho to do this!

The Oxford dictionary’s first definition of adventure is, “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity”! That said, adventure is spirit lifting, energy restoring, education expanding and exhilarating to name a few other ideas. (Some might say that our real estate market has been something of an adventure lately too!)

We take on adventures when our bodies, minds and spirits are strong. This gives us insight that adventure is part of the natural growth of the human soul. When we do not feel strong, we tend to shy from adventure. At times, we are not given any choice but to accept the adventure that life has in front of us. These times challenge us to grow and strengthen with clear mind and strong heart. We can even surprise ourselves as to what we are actually capable of in these moments. We grow.

Summer adventures in Idaho, voluntarily taken on, include white water rafting, backpacking, fly fishing, cycling to name just a few. Maybe yours includes re-making your outdoor living space, building an outdoor pavilion, freshening up the paint on your home and just going into the out of doors and see what awaits you! (You will see us at the Sawtooth Valley Gathering in Stanley July 28-31…who knows where we will camp!)

Be safe, have fun and find adventure in your 2022 Summer!

As always, I hope you enjoy this edition of Start Healthy!