We have a standard poodle named Maya. She is all-knowing and at times (all times) willful and opinionated. In her demeanor we see if she is satisfied with our offerings. We reflect through her countenance, how are WE doing? Are OUR priorities in the right place? Possibly you have a pet reflecting on your path as well.

We rarely need to wait for Spring to reorganize our furniture. Sometimes, the time is just right and we undertake to experiment with a new layout, in the spur of the moment! Maya does her best to understand our needs in this regard, but her eyes tell us, “here we go again”, as she works to stay out of the way, helping.

Spring IS the season of renewal, if not formally furniture moving season. Likely you and your family have your own rituals of renewal. With our days getting longer and the temperatures soon moving towards Summer, there is hope in the air and optimism is on the rise.

With the greening of lawns, signs of last year’s bulbs and, the greening of our Foothills, Real Estate historically experiences growth and movement in the Spring as well. Sometimes we find ourselves looking around for a new home in these months. A larger, a smaller or just a different place to call home. This is a major furniture moving event!

As always, I am so very grateful for your support and your referrals. Entrusting me with your friends and family members for their Real Estate needs is one of my greatest rewards!

Enjoy this edition of Start Healthy,