2022. What.

It’s hard to imagine the past two years. So much change, so much loss, so much introspection. Soon, very soon, we will start to see the fruits of our labors of love. All things in motion. Expect great things!

Boise’s real estate market continues to expand. New community members bringing ideas along with wealth to our area. Not without some pains, as in any booming metro area, but we are growing up! We hope for and encourage the attributes which draw new folks here in the first place. After all, without these qualities, what kind of place does Boise become? We share in the responsibility for maintaining the extraordinary quality of life that we call Boise!

One of my favorite bumper stickers says something like, “Be nice, this is Boise”. [https://www.boisenice.org]…is a kind of handbook on Boise Nice! Check it out!

With a new year comes a deepening of the winter season. Bundle up, get outside and breathe in the fresh, cold Idaho air! Before you know it Spring will be on our horizons. Gotta love our four seasons!

Did anyone else (Thank you Nana!) try the FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE ALMOND BUTTER BROWNIES recipe from our last issue??? I’ve included it again in this issue’s tear out cards as they were absolutely delicious!

May this issue of Start Healthy encourage something new for you in ’22.

Thank you for your support,