Friendships, indeed.

At this time of year, we focus on our friends and our families. This appreciation takes many forms. Each of which, begins with recognition of those who enrich us, help us feel validated, supported, loved, and happy. (Truth is, happiness is an inside job, but feeling loved helps).

As we reflect on the support of our loved ones, and the support we provide to them, we recall so many memories. Memories of our youth, our growth, and our adventures together. In essence, of what has shaped us to this day. We are thankful. We value. We recognize. While we are responsible for our own inner happiness and peace, we do not walk alone.

Some have gone, no longer with us, though still very much present. It is for these special souls that we sense and appreciate their influence, and treasure their memories. Still others, just beginning their lives, and some balancing their remaining moments, complete the full circle of life. One day, we can only hope to be a presence for those in our lives today. Consideration worthy.

I encourage us all to take time this Fall and Winter to take stock and witness the snapshot of our present lives, and trust in our capacity to live fully the life we have been given. If not now, when.

Thank you for being part of my life. It is the essence of my work for you to experience the support and validation necessary to succeed in your real estate engagements.

Embrace those you love and, love most those in need.