Welcome Summertime 2021!

These days, writing for a future moment is a dubious exercise.

Experiencing one global gut punch after another, we face capacity limits attempting to understand our world. Pandemic sensations beginning to fall away, in our country anyway, an opportunity is presenting to engage in life at a new level.

Life seeks balance.

As summer unfolds this year, bounded energies await expression. Swimming pools, movies stars as the theme song goes! Boise certainly shines when it comes to outdoor activities from hiking, biking, golf, camping, picnicking and so much more. We are ready, we are in need and balance is in the offing.

It is with a fresh eye and a renewed appreciation for the good and great fortune bestowed on us who call this area home, that we may see our regained freedoms anew. Giving care to the resources and value to the all important human connections we will share together this summer with fresh eyes, we have the chance to live life at a higher level than before the pandemic began.

Appreciating all that life has to offer. Summer. Go for it, knowing and appreciating how amazing life can be when fully valued and equally appreciated for the gift that it is. I’m always up for golf by the way!

Enjoy this edition of Start Healthy!