Real Estate transactions coincide with some of the most important milestones in our lives. Often, they mark exciting new directions for ourselves and our families. At times, they can also signify times of hardship or transition. You may recall circumstances like these in your own life, or possibly, you are embarking on your very first purchase!

The agent and brokerage who guides you through these major financial decisions becomes part of your history. It is because of the importance of this relationship that I have chosen to become a REALTOR®.

I have worked with many agents in my life, some remembered fondly, others with tremendous gratitude and still others for whom a slightly bitter taste lingers long after our transaction. You may know what I am talking about.

When working with you, I pledge to act with integrity, consideration and discretion. Taking care of you is my number one priority. Communications excellence, professionalism and a genuine human connection is what you can count on when working with me.

I have a lovely family of over thirty years who have been the inspiration, the reward and the joy in my life. We are all thrilled to be living here in Boise where each of us in our own way has found our niche! This is a wonderful town for young people and in large part it is because of them!!! It is also the perfect place for (we) the more seasoned! We are most grateful for our many blessings.

Our ever broadening Boise populace is once again experiencing an exciting new era of expansion and our real estate market is reflecting this surge. Allow real estate to play a positive role in your life!

I would love nothing more than to get to work for you, your family and your friends!